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“Stay In Your Lane” – Copyright 2015

A poetic assessment of the police stop of Sandra Bland. @CeLillianneGreen #SandraBland #StayInYourLane


CeLillianne Green Copyright © 2015


Before he stops you

He follows your car to watch you


You change lanes in order for him to pass you by

Instead, he stops your car. You don’t know why


No turn signal before changing lanes

In disbelief, you explain

It sounds to him like you complain


License and registration

He can sense your aggravation

There is something about your tone

You speak with an air he does not condone


He can choose to issue a warning, a citation

He chooses to lower your uppity vibration


He tells you to stop smoking

Is he serious or is he joking?


You think he’s gone too far

Smoking is clearly legal in your car


You dare to pose the question

Quickly, you learn it was not a joke or a suggestion


Whatever he says, he expects you to comply

Do not look him in the eye


Total deference, utmost respect

Bow down, genuflect


He’s in charge. He’s the cop

He told you to stop


Toward him, you should appear to be absolutely polite

After all, he appears to be absolutely White


You’re a woman and you’re Black

Do not speak.  Do not talk back


He wears a uniform.

He wears a badge.

He will taser you. Do not make him mad


But you do. You make him mad.

He thinks you’ve gone too far

Opens the door to your car


He will not allow you to film him with a phone

You’re going to jail. You’re not going home.


He moves you roadside, out of “Dash Cam” view

No video of what he does to you


Sounds of struggle can be heard

And of course, there are the words


His back-up is on the way

You’re on the ground. In handcuffs, you’ll stay.


The ground is to remind you of your place

Jail will be your next space


Three days in jail and you tragically die

Of course, it would not have happened if he passed you by


But, he had to stop you to make it plain

He is in charge.  Stay in your lane.





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