Poet’s Pen


We can’t force them to our shores

We can’t enslave Black people anymore


We brought Black people here by force on ships across the ocean

Brown people cross the border without a second notion


We look to those Brown people who live next door

They come voluntarily. They come by the score


Many are smuggled in, others walk across the border

The Brown immigration is causing too much disorder


Of course, smuggled Brown people routinely die

We routinely turn a blind eye


We allow Brown people to come illegally

They do the jobs Black people were forced to do for free


To our credit, we’ve replaced our whips and chains

The Brown people simply receive wages that are inhumane


The Brown people don’t work absolutely free

But they won’t get rich or build a dynasty


Yet, they do work very hard

Hoping one day to obtain a Green Card


However, their Green Card day is less likely to come

We want them to go back to where they come from


We simply do not want them to stay

Especially if it means they will stay all day


We do have an exception for day laborers receiving minimal pay

That of course, is the capitalist way


Brown people simply have been too fruitful and multiplied

Forcing us to decide


We’ve decided we don’t want them here anymore

The Brown people should return to their home next door


We know some of them have their origins on this land

However, that does not change our plans


We are planning to build a wall to separate our nation

We no longer want it to be an easy destination


Of course, we don’t need a wall between us and our northern neighbors

Our relationship with them is one we favor


By in large, Canadians are not Brown

We welcome Canadians to our many towns


The separation wall is only for the others

It’s for the Brown people who we don’t consider our brothers


For them, the separation wall will be very tall

Tall enough to keep Brown people out

Those who are here are demonstrating clout


Clout that comes from uniting and protesting in the streets

There are millions of them, refusing to be discreet


Like the Black people who protested and demanded civil rights

The Brown people are waging a similar fight


They should know as Brown people, life has dealt them a certain card

They’re meant to work for us and to have a life that’s hard


After all, they’re Brown people, nearly Black

They can’t change this fundamental fact


We are the people without any hue

What did they really expect us to do?


Treat them as equals with equal pay

That certainly has not been our way


However, oppressing people comes at such a high price

Yet, we can’t seem to treat people of color as if they are White


We have enough Black people.  Now, there is too much Brown

It’s time for Brown people to go.  They must leave our towns


We know Native Americans really own much of this land

But, we don’t want Brown people thinking they can make demands


We want the Brown people to go back home

Leave America, leave us alone


However, there is one detail we have not quite worked out

As we create a policy to get the Brown people out


We don’t know who will do all of those Brown people jobs

Maybe some low-level White American snobs


CeLillianne Green Copyright 2007 All Rights Reserved


Highest Height

As of April 20,2010

Dorothy Height will not breathe again


To this world she said good night

After reaching her Highest Height


In her 98 years, Dorothy Height worked more than enough

Through situations pleasant and sometimes tough


She was born in a country where, by law, her color was rejected

And she lived with her status as a woman routinely disrespected


Yet, as the sole Black woman she proudly stood

As the balance for those men who sought to do good


To do good for a maturing democracy

Amid their pain from living in its hypocrisy


Dr. Height did her share

To make her country and her people aware


Aware of the dignity of the Black family

Aware of its history and its legacy


A life of purpose is what Dr. Height led

The spirit of her people is what she fed


She lived and dined with ministers and with the masses

She met with presidents and with people of many races and classes


In her signature hats with clothes to match


Dorothy Height was a lady at all times

Gracefully aging like fine wine


And now that she has closed the earth door

There will be other places for her to explore


Understand, this spiritual assignment is complete

Now her Creator she must meet and greet


So for those who feel sad and left behind

Please accept that a life, well-lived, deserves a finish line


Just remember.


Remember her love for her people, her commitment and her dedication

Remember to follow her model of service to her nation


Remember Dr. Height as courageous and kind

Fully possessed of a sound mind


Remember, she lived to reach her Highest Height

And she chose, when and where — to say good night


CeLillianne Green Copyright 2010 All Rights Reserved




Before there can be love, there must first be hi or hello

The greeting between people that has the potential to grow

To grow into a love profound

But love can only happen with the first sound

The sound of hello, hi, what’s up, or hey

Whichever greeting you choose to say

You cannot come together without at least saying hi

Without hi, you have already said— goodbye

CeLillianne Green Copyright © 2006 All Rights Reserved